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We are driving innovation for a sustainable electric future. Our Charge Smarter technology adapts to existing building capacities and proactively gears up for future energy demands. We alleviate strain on building infrastructures and the broader grid, facilitating a transition to a cost-effective and greener energy ecosystem. 

Charge Smarter technology adapts to existing building capacities for future energy demands for a sustainable electric future.
Charge Smarter technology adapts to existing building capacities for future energy demands for a sustainable electric future.

Our Story

For over six years, we have been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge solutions in the electric vehicle charging and energy management sector.

From the outset, Variablegrid recognized that the path to widespread EV adoption and a greener planet was through intelligent energy management. This realization sparked an intensive period of development, during which we collaborated closely with leading engineers and esteemed post-secondary institutions. Through rigorous research and countless hours of testing, we honed our technology to address the unique challenges of EV charging infrastructure.

Our belief in adaptive power as a means to achieve our electrification goals has been unwavering. Adaptive power, at its core, is about optimizing energy usage to support the growing demands of EV charging without necessitating extensive and costly upgrades to existing electrical infrastructure. It's about making smarter use of the power we have, reducing waste, and ensuring that every kilowatt is used as efficiently as possible.

What Drives Us?

EV charging solutions in Canada

We envision a world where every apartment, condo, and home can charge an EV vehicle, regardless of how limited their electrical panel capacity may seem. Our technology is designed to democratize access to EV charging, making it accessible to everyone. We understand that the transition to electric vehicles is not just about creating a sustainable future but also about ensuring it is inclusive and equitable. This is why we have focused our efforts on alleviating strain not only on building infrastructures but on the broader grid as well.

The team at Variablegrid is driven by passion. We are engineers, innovators, and visionaries, working together towards a shared goal: to build a better future. We're committed to continuous innovation, refining our technology, and broadening our partnerships to ensure that adaptive power is a cornerstone of global electrification. With each project, installation, and innovation, we inch closer to a cleaner, more sustainable world.

Are you ready for the future with adaptive power?

Adaptive power and EV charging solutions
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