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Solutions to meet your needs

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Energy Management for EV Charging in every parking space at your MURB


Energy Sensing Solutions for townhomes


Energy Management for safe and reliable EV charging at home


Level 2 Smart Chargers for residential and commercial installations

Administration Portal

Configure, manage and monitor your network of installations and clients with ease.

Access to real-time load sensing data, EV charging status, billing & payment transactions, and more!

Included with VarianPRO and VarianSENSE.

Driver Mobile App

The mobile app allows drivers to:

  • Track real-time charging status

  • Manage charger lockout periods

  • Manage charging range limits

  • Prioritize charging when they need it most

  • View charging transaction history and statistics

  • View and pay invoices


Available for iPhone & Android devices.


Included with VarianPRO and VarianHOME.

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