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Professionals in the EV charging industry like building portfolio managers, energy consultants, electrical engineers, etc.

We are focused on facilitating success for a diverse group of professionals in the EV industry, ranging from building portfolio managers to energy consultants, electrical engineers, installers, equipment vendors, and utilities, serving all markets throughout North America.

EV charging tailored for single-family residences

Electrical Industry

(aka the Heroes of the Electrical Revolution)

Electricians, electrical engineers, and electrical distributors are enabling a cleaner future. We support you every step of the way. Your expertise in establishing robust client relationships and your experience in installing EV charging equipment set you apart. Perhaps you're keen on diversifying your services to include EV charging, thereby enhancing the service you provide to your clients. We're poised to assist you in creating new avenues for revenue by augmenting your current service portfolio. Our partners receive comprehensive support throughout the entire process, ensuring a positive experience for their clients. This enables them to concentrate on cultivating new business opportunities.

EV charging tailored for single-family residences
Adaptive power and EV charging solutions
EV charging solutions in Canada

Fleet Operators

For fleet operators transitioning to electric vehicles, our partnership represents a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. We understand the complexities of managing a fleet of EVs, from ensuring vehicles are charged and ready for service to optimizing operational costs. Our intelligent EVEMS solutions are designed to provide fleet operators with real-time data and control over their charging infrastructure, allowing for seamless integration into their daily operations. By partnering with us, fleet operators can reduce their carbon footprint, take advantage of lower electricity costs during off-peak hours, and improve their fleet's overall efficiency. Let's work together to pave the way for a more sustainable future in transportation.

A cleaner, more sustainable future with smart EV charging

Property Managers

EV charging solutions in Canada

Property managers play a crucial role in enhancing the value and attractiveness of their properties through modern amenities and sustainable practices. As your partner, we provide state-of-the-art EV charging solutions that cater to the growing demand for electric vehicle infrastructure among residents and tenants. Our turnkey solutions are not only designed to minimize installation costs but also to ensure a hassle-free management experience. By integrating our EVEMS technology, property managers can offer equitable and efficient charging facilities, boosting property appeal and tenant satisfaction. Partner with us to make your properties stand out as forward-thinking, environmentally conscious communities ready for the future of transportation.

EVEMS solutions are designed to provide fleet operators with real-time data


EV charging solutions in Canada

Utilities are pivotal in enabling a cleaner, more sustainable future. Our partnership offers utilities a pathway to meet increasing consumer demand for green energy, reduce grid strain during peak hours, and capitalize on government incentives for sustainable development. By leveraging our EVEMS, we help you optimize energy distribution, ensuring a reliable and efficient power supply for EV charging across residential and commercial sectors. Our Automated Demand Response capabilities enhance your ability to manage load requirements efficiently and respond to demand peaks dynamically. Together, we can empower communities to achieve their environmental goals while driving economic growth.

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