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Transform your home's electric vehicle charging with the innovative VarianHOME Bundle, comprising the VarianHOME controller paired with the VarianR40 Level 2 Smart Charger. This comprehensive package from Variablegrid leverages our patented EV Energy Management System (EVEMS) technology to deliver an intelligent demand response solution that optimizes your home's available power. Tailored for single-family residences, this system ensures a seamless transition to electric vehicle charging without the necessity for costly upgrades to your existing electrical infrastructure.


Features of the VarianHOME Bundle:

  • Intelligent Demand Response: Dynamically manages your home's energy, utilizing it where it's needed most and ensuring efficient power distribution to your EV chargers.
  • Building and Home Load Sensing: Automatically adjusts to the available power, ensuring your home's electrical system is never overwhelmed.
  • Dynamic Load Balancing: Offers real-time power distribution, maximizing power delivery to each charger and eliminating constraints due to limited power availability.
  • Efficient Power Allocation: Achieves nearly 100% utilization of your home's electrical capacity, with balanced power distribution and flexible charging prioritization.
  • Safe Operation: Ensures power allocated to your EV charging does not exceed your home's electrical system's limits, providing peace of mind through enhanced safety features.
  • Easy Installation and Operation: The VarianHOME controller and VarianR40 charger are designed for quick setup and easy use, making EV charging at home simpler than ever.
  • Comprehensive Remote Management: With an optional internet connection, monitor and control charging remotely, offering convenience and control at your fingertips.


The VarianHOME Bundle is designed to empower homeowners with a scalable, safe, and efficient solution for EV charging. By integrating the VarianHOME controller with the VarianR40 charger, Variablegrid ensures that adopting electric vehicle technology is not only possible but practical for today's homes, aligning with our commitment to a sustainable, electrified future.

VarianHOME Bundle

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