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The VarianPro Controller is Variablegrid's patented EV Energy Management System (EVEMS) It is intelligent demand response system that optimizes a building’s available energy for full electrification. VarianPro is designed for commercial buildings, and multi-unit dwellings, and enables seamless transitions to full electrification without the need for costly infrastructure enhancements, reducing installation costs and ensuring each vehicle receives the optimal charge.


Dynamic Load Balancing

  • Dynamic power distribution based on real-time energy consumption to maximize power delivery to chargers.
  • Building Load Sensing eliminates electrification constraints caused by limited available power
  • Multi-Level electrical topology manages constraints at the subpanel, circuit breaker and EV charger levels


Highly Efficient Power Allocation

  • Near 100% utilization of EV subpanels and circuits
  • Balanced round-robin scheduling at circuit level
  • Flexible charge prioritization
  • Intelligent time-shifting to off-peak periods
  • Time-of-Day Lockouts
  • Driver-specified Range Caps 
  • Transactions are backed up continually to the Varian Administration Portal


Safe Operation

  • Allocated power never exceeds configured subpanel and circuit constraints
  • Allocated power never exceeds the building’s reserve power available for EV charging
  • Power allocation pauses if communications with the EV charger is lost


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