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Carbon Credit Management


The Variablegrid Carbon Credit Program offers an efficient and streamlined process for organizations in Canada to earn carbon credits through the installation of EV Charging networks. This program enables participants to acquire tradable credits for every metric ton of CO2 emissions they successfully reduce. A key strategy of the program is to consolidate credits from all participants, enhancing their attractiveness to major buyers by meeting demands for substantial volumes.

By engaging in the Variablegrid Carbon Credit Program, organizations can effortlessly manage their EV charging infrastructure while earning Carbon Credit rebates. This not only simplifies adherence to evolving carbon emission standards but also opens up financial opportunities through the sale of carbon credits. Furthermore, it actively contributes to environmental sustainability.

Key Highlights of the Variablegrid Carbon Credit Program:

Simplified Sustainable Energy Management:
The program promises an average annual revenue of $8,264.89 from 10 chargers, making it financially appealing.

Long-Term Benefits:
Credits can be earned for up to 10 years, with the option to apply these credits towards further development of EV infrastructure.

Commitment to Carbon Reduction:
Variablegrid is committed to managing thousands of carbon credits for its clients, aiming to drive a greener future for Canada. This commitment aligns with the increasing adoption of zero-emission vehicles in the Canadian market, propelled by lower electric vehicle prices and the high cost of gasoline.

Significant Revenue Opportunities:
A single EV charging point can earn up to $1,000 annually, providing substantial financial returns to properties invested in EV charging solutions.

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