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C$4,299.00 (MSRP)

The VarianPro Controller is Variablegrid's patented EV Energy Management System (EVEMS) is an intelligent demand response system that optimizes a building’s available energy for full electrification. VarianPro is designed for commercial buildings, and multi-unit dwellings, and enables seamless transitions to full electrification without the need for costly infrastructure enhancements, reducing installation costs and ensuring each vehicle receives the optimal charge.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Dynamic power distribution based on real-time energy consumption to maximize power delivery to chargers.
Building Load Sensing eliminates electrification constraints caused by limited available power
Multi-Level electrical topology manages constraints at the subpanel, circuit breaker and EV charger levels

Highly Efficient Power Allocation

Near 100% utilization of EV subpanels and circuits
Balanced round-robin scheduling at circuit level
Flexible charge prioritization
Intelligent time-shifting to off-peak periods
Time-of-Day Lockouts
Driver-specified Range Caps
Transactions are backed up continually to the Varian Administration Portal

Safe Operation

Allocated power never exceeds configured subpanel and circuit constraints
Allocated power never exceeds the building’s reserve power available for EV charging
Power allocation pauses if communications with the EV charger is lost

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