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Effortless Demand Response with Adaptive EV Charging

Updated: Jul 4

Variablegrid’s adaptive power is designed to adjust electric vehicle (EV) charging to optimize available electrical capacity. This automatic, intelligent technology enables Variablegrid’s system to seamlessly integrate with demand response programs, allowing EV users to save money effortlessly. 

What is Demand response?

Demand response is an incentive program which rewards people for shifting electricity usage out of periods of high demand, alleviating strain on the grid. During times when energy is most expensive and demand is the highest, consumers enrolled in the demand response program are notified about these peak periods or “events”. Customers can then reduce their electricity usage during those times to save money. 

Demand response is rapidly becoming more available. The US’s seven independent systems operators have started sponsoring these programs with Canada following suit. BC Hydro has recently implemented a demand response program in an attempt to optimize the functioning of the grid and keep electrical costs low for consumers. They offer businesses that enroll $50 per average kW of demand reduction over the season. With around 20 events per season lasting no more than four hours each, participants have the opportunity to receive monetary rewards if they can reduce their electricity usage by just 5% or more during these events. The energy participants save during peak periods is averaged over the season and rewarded accordingly. 

Who should enroll?

Demand response programs are suitable for both residential and commercial energy consumers. Utilities often recommend these programs to businesses and homes with flexible operations control systems, such as those that can pre-program lighting, thermostats, and other controls. However, for owners of one of Variablegrid’s EV Energy Management systems (EVEMS) and an EV private charger, demand response is even more accessible. Our technology can automatically adapt EV charging to make demand response convenient and lucrative.

How can we help you save?

Variablegrid’s technology integrates directly with automated demand response software, making it simple to meet demand response requirements.  The adaptive nature of this technology ensures seamless savings for private charger owners. With the purchase of a VarianPro or VarianHome system, EVEMS enables intuitive time-shifting of EV charging to off-peak periods. 

Our patented Dynamic Load Balancing technology can modulate EV charging during these high-demand events to enhance savings for those enrolled in a demand response program. By automatically adjusting the level and time of charging based on prior programming, users can access demand response savings without making any adjustments to their lifestyle, while still allowing for the flexibility of opting-out if participants need a quick charge during an event.  

Variablegrid’s technology is engineered to intelligently adapt power usage and save customers money by removing the need for expensive electrical infrastructure. However, its compatibility with demand response programs offers an additional EV charging feature tailored to increased savings. As the future increasingly prioritizes cleaner energy, demand response will only become more important. Variablegrid’s simplification of the demand response program for homeowners and businesses alike, makes it easier for more people to take advantage of these utility incentive programs. 


By Danielle Shefley



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