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How BC Hydro Rebates are Making Private EV Charging More Affordable

Updated: Jul 4

Rebates are financial incentives implemented by many governments to help people who take climate action save money. They promote a sustainable future by making installing an electric vehicle (EV) private charger more affordable and accessible for all, enhancing the many benefits of owning an EV. 

Installing a private charger in the home or workplace offers unparalleled convenience for electric vehicle (EV) users. It allows for easy overnight charging at home and provides essential charging options at work. BC Hydro offers rebates that contribute to the affordability of convenient charging. With the help of $6.59 million in government funding as part of their CleanBC plan, read on to learn how BC Hydro can provide financial incentives that make private EV charging even more accessible. 


EV users can receive up to $350 when adding a level 2 EV charger to their single-family home, covering up to 50% of installation costs. On top of that, homeowners can receive $200 for the purchase of an EV power management device. These tools are Variablegrid’s specialty. Our unique technology deploys Dynamic Load Balancing to modulate EV charging, adapting power usage within an electrical system. This way, the electrical capabilities of a pre-existing system are optimized, preventing homeowners from having to add expensive, new electrical infrastructure.

This BC Hydro Rebate allows homeowners to receive all the benefits of our VarianHome technology at a discounted price. As the only BC Hydro-approved company that deploys Dynamic Load Balancing technology and one of the most affordable, Variablegrid is your best choice for a subsidized EV power management system

Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs)

Owners of apartments, condos, and townhomes can take advantage of BC Hydro’s comprehensive EV Ready Rebate Program aimed at adapting to the future needs of residents. This program includes multiple layers of funding to support the complete electrification of these sites in preparation for future demands.  

Firstly, owners of these multi-unit residential buildings (MURBs) can apply for funding that covers most of the costs associated with creating an EV Ready Plan. They can get up to $3,000 funded, or 75% of the costs associated with creating the plan. Prepared by a licensed electrician, this professional documentation lays out a detailed strategy for providing each residential unit with at least one parking space that is capable of EV charging.   

The next phase includes up to $120,000 to offset costs associated with installing any necessary EV Ready Infrastructure, with $600 available to electrify each parking stall. 

Finally, an additional $14,000 or up to $2,000 per EV Charger, will help cover costs of installation and purchase. In total, MURBs can receive up to $137,000 through this program, allowing them to fully equip their sites with the tools needed to meet EV demands.  

However, for MURBs that are not quite ready to completely electrify, a Standalone EV Charger Rebate through BC Hydro exists as an alternative. This provides property managers with up to $2,000 a charger, or $14,000 a complex, enabling some EV charging accommodation.


Workplaces that are ready to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable living and providing an inclusive, convenient environment for owners of electric vehicles can also get in on the savings. BC Hydro offers rebates of up to $2,000 for every level 2 EV charger installed for employee use. This can cover up to 50% of total costs with a max of $14,000 being available to forward-thinking business owners. These incentives not only support sustainability efforts but also enhance workplace amenities, making them more attractive to current and prospective employees. 


In certain areas of BC, top-ups can be added to these rebates to offer even greater savings. In places such as North Vancouver, Saanich, Whistler, Kamloops and Squamish, these additional savings will be automatically added to the applicant’s rebate cash-out when supplied. MURBs and workplaces that are a part of Indigenous communities in BC are also eligible for a 25% savings increase on top of the rebates listed above.

Considering all the other advancements making EV more affordable, rebates are the finishing touch, making the decision to switch to an EV even easier. Learn more about rebates in BC on BCHydro’s website or view the CleanBC Go Electric program guide for full details.


By Danielle Shefley



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