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Charge Where you Live: EV Home Charging Made Easy

Updated: Jul 2

Sixty percent of all cars sold in Canada are predicted to be electric vehicles (EV) by the year 2030 (Stats Canada). At-home charging is playing a crucial role in driving the widespread adoption of electric vehicles with its convenience and affordability. At the same time, the urgent need to address the growing climate crisis has increased government regulation and reinforced consumer trends on electric vehicle ownership.  

The shift away from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles may seem daunting, but new technology makes it easier and more affordable than ever to get on board with the wave of social change.  


A survey conducted by McKinsey & Company found that the potential inconvenience of EV charging was the top reason for consumer hesitancy in making the switch from gas-powered cars (McKinsey). Concerns about battery range and charging logistics may mean people are skeptical of giving up the comfort of ICE. However, the surge in demand for fuel alternatives has led to the creation of solutions that go above and beyond the capabilities of ICE vehicles.  

The opportunity for electric vehicles to be charged at home, one of the most compelling advantages of EV, eliminates the need for frequent and expensive trips to the gas station. It is no surprise that reports from the US Department of Energy find 80% of EV charging happens at home, as this flexible and increasingly affordable option is becoming more available to homeowners everywhere (Canary Media). 

Pioneering the shift to accessible home charging is Variablegrid’s adaptive power and its unique perks. With Variablegrid’s VarianHome charger and technology bundle, plugging in your EV vehicle is as easy as plugging in your phone. Our safe, intelligent system dynamically allocates power by monitoring and adjusting it's availability to simplify charging for customers. Variablegrid’s systems result in the security of knowing overnight charging will provide a full charge, eliminating the strain of thinking about where to charge next.

Cost and Accessibility

Once an EV home charger has been put in place, it is undoubtedly the simplest option for homeowners. However, people are deterred by the idea that setting up a charger is a costly procedure that requires updated electrical infrastructure.

This is where Variablegrid stands out from the rest. Our Electric Vehicle Energy Management System (EVEMS) is a massive contributor to the affordability of home charging. Dynamic Load Balancing technology maximizes homeowners’ available electrical capacity to allow for controllable, flexible charging. This prevents the need for expensive upgrades on electrical infrastructure which average between $6,000-$35,000 (Energy Star). Tapping into the home’s unutilized electrical capacity, EVEMS leverage time of charging to provide homeowners with the highest efficiency and savings, all without the need for these expensive service upgrades.  

Another financial benefit of installing an EV charging port at home is rebates; however, only half the US population is aware of these aids (Consumer Reports). Rebates are a helpful cost reduction incentive implemented by US and Canadian governments to make EV home charging even more accessible. In Canada, the federal government has allocated $1 billion towards rebates on EV infrastructure, with comparable rebates available in the US due to the Inflation Reduction Act (EC&M). Some provincial rebates and top-ups exist as well so that 80% of the Canadian population has access to these additional savings (Energy Rates). For more information on the rebates available through BC Hydro, view our detailed blog on their offerings here.

While concern about the detrimental environmental impacts of ICE’s heighten, electric vehicles offer a modern solution. At Variablegrid, we recognize the growing importance of affordable, equitable access to cleaner transportation. Our technological advancements, paired with growing emphasis on sustainable living, will lead to more accessible, convenient EV charging within the comfort of the home and beyond.



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